Portsmouth Kendo Club Membership

Individual Membership
All members pay a fixed monthly fee for membership.
Adult members pay £25 per month, Junior Members (under 18) £10 per month

Family Membership
To ensure family fees stay economical where there are multiple members from the same family, full price is paid for the eldest member, half price for a second member and no charge for up to two additional members.
eg Two adults from the same household would pay £37.50, Adult and 1-2 Juniors would pay £30

Service Membership
Serving members of HM Forces may pay a reduced fee of £10 per month.

All fees are required to be paid by standing order on the 1st of each month. If any member has difficulties please tell us. We will not prevent any member from practicing due to financial difficulties.

British Kendo Association Membership

Membership of the BKA is mandatory for all club members as this provides individual insurance. Members can join on line here. The BKA system requires us to validate that you are a practicing member of Portsmouth Kendo Club. You are able to join as a Temporary member and then link your membership to Portsmouth. Once validated by ourselves you can upgrade to full membership. Alternatively you can join as a full member immediately but to do so will require a dojo 'keyword'. This can be obtained from one of the dojo officers.

BKA fees are currently £40 per annum for Adult members and £15.00 for Junior (under 18) and £24.50 for Students and over 65's. These fees vary if you also practice other BKA arts (Iaido & Jodo). The full fee structure can be found here.


Club membership and temporary BKA membership is included as part of our beginner's package. Therefore you do not need to arrange club membership or full BKA membership until after compltion of the beginner's course. See the Starting Kendo page for more details.